“The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.”

Audrey Hepburn


And then, there is you, your loved one and your future together...

The engagement session, done before the wedding, has two main goals: a) provide the couple with a beautiful set of images that can be used in the wedding also, and b) to make sure that the couple and the photographer are in tune and comfortable with each other.


The big day will be recorded forever in amazing images!

My job here is to register all main moments, reactions and feelings, mixing the traditional images and creative ones.

It is also included a bridal session and the reception, when I'll register the guests, cake and other spontaneous moments.

Preparation & details

A bunch of butterflies in stomach and a lot of details to prepare. We capture all of this and transform them in a beautiful set of images.

You spend a lot of energy and money preparing everything. Choosing every single detail, matching with the already selected ones. And then, when the wedding party is over you might not see them again. My job here is to register all of this things carefully selected, so you can remember them forever!

All packages includes

  • Introductory meeting, engagement session and bridal session
  • Professional post-processing
  • On-line gallery


  • Prices starting at €650.00 for a 4h wedding
  • Prices starting at €950.00 for a 6h wedding
  • Prices starting at €1950.00 for a 10h wedding
  • VAT included

Prints & albums

  • Add a lay flat mini-album (15x20 cm) with 20 pages for only €290.00
  • Add a lay flat album (20x30 cm) with 30 pages only €390.00
  • Professional prints available in different sizes & prices as per request